Welcome to MAKO

Logistics consultants & delivery coordinator

Select a delivery partner and get a delivery estimate. Contact the delivery partner directly for special pricing.

You can track your order as it comes to its destination.

How we help you?

We are not a courier company but we can help you with your deliveries.
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We help you pick a courier partner to fit your need.

If the courier partner cannot solve the issue, we will help you with it..

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We track your cash collections & help you resolve issues regarding payments.

What else we do?

  • Provide tracking technology
  • Cash settlement monitoring
  • Coodinate between delivery partners
  • Complaint handling
  • SMS/Email notifications

Domestic Delivery

We work with couriers specializing in domestic delivery in Sri Lanka./p>

Cash Settlement Tracking

We track COD collections and settlements to make sure customers gets paid promptly.

Delivery Tracking Technology

We use high tech systems manage the entire delivery process.